F1 Grand Prix in Japan

One of the most exotic destinations on the Formula 1 calendar, Japan offers an exciting mix or lively cities and beautiful nature.

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Home to the Japanese Grand Prix since 1987, Suzuka Circuit is 50 kilometers south west of Nagoya, Japan’s third largest city. Universally liked my teams, drivers and spectators alike, Suzuka has produced some of the most exciting races of the past few decades.

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Japanese Grand Prix Event Information

Friday - F1 Practice Day
Saturday - F1 Qualifying Day
Sunday - F1 Race Day

Location - Melbourne, Australia

“Our home race is very important to us,” says Hiroshi Yasukawa, director of Bridgestone Motorsport. “There are lots of things to do in and around Suzuka, starting with a thrilling ride on a rollercoaster at the track. Not only do you get a great view of the track, but you can also see the sea. For those who think they can sing, there is the Big Echo bar in which to try some karaoke and you can eat high quality beef in the Matoba restaurant.”

Did you know? Suzuka has hosted twelve world championship-deciding races.