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2022 Hungarian Grand Prix

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F1 Hungary 2022 - Tickets

Secure the best Hungarian Grand Prix tickets at the most competitive prices with Grand Prix Events.

Situated in a natural amphitheatre, the Hungaroring circuit is a unique F1 destination that promises warm weather and spectacular views. A large proportion of the track is visible from all grandstands, making this track a safe bet to see plenty of race action.

Official Ticket Packages from F1 Experiences with exclusive trackside activities, driver appearances and insider access are also available.

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VIP and F1 Hospitality:
Get the most out of your Formula 1 trip with a spectacular VIP weekend package that includes your hotel, transportation and your F1 experience at the race track. The Hungaroring is an excellent spot to enjoy the Formula 1 action from a prestigious suite such as the official Formula One Paddock Club: As official agent to Formula One, we offer you a wide range of F1 Hungary VIP and Hospitality tickets.

Child Tickets:
For children below the age of 14 years the entrance is free. The child has to be accompanied by an adult and the ticket has to be booked in advance.

Super Gold Grandstand:
Situated opposite the pit lane, the covered Super Gold Grandstand offers good views of the start/finish straight and the pit lane. Rows 1-10 are low, rows 11-20 are high.

Grandstand Gold 1:
This uncovered Grandstand opposite the pit lane offers the same views as Grandstand Super Gold.

Grandstand Gold 2:
This numbered Grandstand opposite the start of the pit lane offers good views over the first part of the pit straight and the podium.

Grandstand Gold 3:
This numbered Grandstand offers good views over the last corner before the start/finish straight and over the first part of the straight.

Grandstand Gold 4:
This is the last Grandstand at the end of the start/finish straight. Grandstand Gold 4 offers good views over the last part of the start/finish straight and the first corner.

Grandstand Silver 1:
This Grandstand offers good views of four corners (Turns 4, 5, 6, and 7) and the straight in front of the Grandstands.

Grandstand Silver 2:
Located between Turn 11 and 12, Grandstand Silver 2 offers good views over the corners and the straight in front, as well as the short straight from Turn 12 to Turn 13.

Grandstand Silver 3:
Depending on your exact location, parts of this Grandstand overlook the straight from Turn 13 to Turn 14, the corner in front and the beginning of the start/finish straight.

Grandstand Silver 4:
Located on the hill behind Grandstands Silver 5 and Gold 3, this Grandstand offers very good views over the whole circuit.

Grandstand Silver 5:
This numbered Grandstand is located at the end of the last corner before the start/finish straight. Views over this corner are very good but views over the start/finish straight are limited.

Grandstand Silver 8:
This Grandstand is located on the right side of Grandstand Silver 1, close to Turn 5. It offers a good view of Turns 4, 5 and the straight in front of the Grandstand.

Grandstand Red Bull:
Numbered Grandstand located between Grandstands Silver 3 and Silver 5, at the end corner before the cars come back to the start/finish straight.

Grandstand Bronze:
This numbered Grandstand offers views over two corners and a short straight in front of the stand.

General Admission:
This pass gives you access to approximately 70% of the track. Various spots offer a good view.

Companion Tickets:
Companion Tickets have to be bought in conjunction with a wheelchair driver ticket.

Fan Experience Packages:
Immersing the most ardent of F1® fans into the heart of the action, F1 Experiences Fan Packages provide unique, on-track access to each circuit.

Champion Packages:
Providing race goers with trackside hospitality, the very best race views and the opportunity to meet with some of the biggest names from the world of F1®, F1 Experiences Champions Club Packages also allow both groups and individuals to explore the illustrious Paddock.