03rd - 06th June 2021

2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

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F1 Azerbaijan 2021 - Tickets

Grand Prix Events are proud to be an official, authorised ticket seller for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix at the unique Baku City Circuit.

Book your 3-Day weekend Azerbaijan F1 tickets and enjoy premium seats to watch Formula 1 practice sessions, qualifying and the spectacular main race on Sunday.

Experience the buzz of one of the fastest F1 street circuits in the world and the striking contrast of modern and historical architecture in the fascinating, cultural city of Baku.

Grand Prix Events tickets include access to evening concerts as well as other entertainment zones throughout the weekend.

Tickets are not yet on sale, but you can already purchase Official Ticket Packages from F1 Experiences.

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Absheron - The Main Grandstand:
Located right opposite the team garages, the Absheron Grandstand offers fans one of the most privileged views of the race. Absheron Grandstand ticket holders are in a prime position to watch the adrenaline-pumping start of the race and witness incredible pit stop action. Fans on the Absheron Grandstand will enjoy great views of the Pit Lane, starting grid and finish line.

General Admission:
A General Admission (GA) Ground Pass is for fans who want to enjoy the race from all viewpoints. The GA pass allows visitors the flexibility to wander around different areas of the track. Fans can catch the action from spectator podiums on various locations throughout the circuit or enjoy festival-style lawn seating. General Admission patrons can also indulge in a multitude of entertainment, food and beverage offerings across the entire circuit over the three days, with access to all zones.

Other Grand Stands:
All Grandstands are positioned at strategic trackside locations to provide spectators with the most breath-taking views of the city as well as the racing action on-track. You can enjoy the city’s historic ambiance, its elegant passage into modernity and the Caspian Sea’s refreshing breeze whilst watching the race.

Icheri Sheher Grandstand:
Situated right at the Entrance Gates to the Old Town (Iceri Seher), Icheri Sheher Grandstand (Grandstand 4) ticket holders are in a unique position to watch the race while enjoying the historic city. Icheri Sheher Grandstand (Grandstand 4) patrons have access to all zones.

Azneft Grandstand:
The Azneft Grandstand (Grandstand 5) is located in a beautiful location at Azneft Square, across mind-blowing Turn 16 on the seafront Boulevard next to the Baku Tennis and Yacht Clubs. Situated right at the bottom of the downhill section of the track, Azneft Grandstand ticket holders are in the perfect position to watch the cars race down to Turn 16 for an overtaking opportunity. Grandstand 5 patrons have access to all zones.

Giz Galasi Grandstand:
Situated right across the historic Maiden Tower, Giz Galasi Grandstand (Grandstand 6) ticket holders will enjoy the rare view of F1 car racing against the background of a UNESCO heritage site. Fans on the Giz Galasi Grandstand can watch the thrilling Turn 18, often taken at full throttle as the cars pass in front of the Maiden Tower and continue to the main straight. Grandstand 6 patrons have access to all zones.

Mugham Grandstand:
Situated in front of the Puppet Theatre on the Boulevard, Mugham Grandstand (Grandstand 7) ticket holders can view opposite sides of the track at the same time. This Grandstand is very close to some of the best action the track. Mugham Grandstand (Grandstand 7) patrons have access to all zones.

Bulvar Grandstand:
Situated on the Boulevard, across the Museum Centre and Khazar Grandstand (Grandstand 10), Bulvar Grandstand (Grandstand 9) ticket holders will be able to view the cars at speeds higher than 300km/h as they race towards the start/finish line. Bulvar Grandstand (Grandstand 9) patrons have access to all zones.

Sahil Grandstand:
Situated at Turn 20 on the Boulevard straight, Sahil Grandstand (Grandstand 8) ticket holders will view two different sections of the track at the same time. This offers the best of both worlds, with one view of cars speeding full throttle towards the start/finish line and another of cars negotiating Turns 5 and 6 at lower speeds, providing an opportunity to get a clearer glimpse of the cars and drivers. Sahil Grandstand (Grandstand 8) Patrons have access to all zones.

Khazar Grandstand:
Situated in front of the Museum Center and across Bulvar Grandstand (Grandstand 9), Khazar Grandstand (Grandstand 10) ticket holders will be able to view the cars at speeds higher than 300km/h as they race towards the start/finish line. Khazar Grandstand (Grandstand 10) patrons have access to all zones.

Filarmoniya Grandstand:
Filarmoniya Grandstand (Grandstand 11) ticket holders will see the final section of the downhill race and heavy braking into Turn 16. There’s potential for an overtaking opportunity before drivers negotiate the turn at Philharmonic Square. Filarmoniya Grandstand (Grandstand 11) patrons have access to all zones.