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The Future of Motorsport Ticketing and Formula 1 Hospitality

The last couple of months have been challenging, thought-provoking and at times surreal, due to COVID-19.

As our generation and industry faces the biggest challenge of our time, life and travel – as we know and love – have been affected tremendously but we must prioritise personal health above all else.

Looking to the future and our return to being trackside, we have been working on new partner relationships and have focused on providing around the clock customer service to all our valued fans and customers.

We would like to thank the many loyal fans who have opted to attend a future event with us and who trusted us to provide our services at a future date. It means a lot to us – thank you!

We have used this idle time to think about all we do and how we can return with even more passion and enthusiasm for life and all it throws at us. It will not be an overnight change, it will not be easy, but we will come out the other side having learnt new life lessons, refocusing on what is most important in life.

The global lockdowns and the impact felt by each of us have reinforced the importance of humanity’s immense impact on the natural world. Subsequently, we have reviewed our office and ticket distribution strategy and systems. We proudly completed the process recently becoming 100% paper free, no printers in the office anymore and instead we only use digital documents!

Where possible, we will switch to electronic ticketing for our events in 2021.

When we once again resume travelling, we look forward to welcoming you back at our events wherever the Formula One World Championship will take us in 2021 and beyond.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy browsing our relaunched website and please feel free to contact us whilst dreaming about future F1 Experiences and attending events again.

Daniel Bois
Founder, Grand Prix Events