10th - 13th November 2022

2022 Brazilian Grand Prix

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F1 Brazil 2022 - Tickets

Interlagos, near São Paulo, never fails to provide a unique, lively carnival atmosphere and a top class F1 race. Enjoy the buzzing bars and restaurants of Sao Paulo and a spectacular race on a challenging track in the home of Formula One legend, Ayrton Senna.

Secure the best grandstand seats and hospitality access at competitive prices for the São Paulo Grand Prix with Grand Prix Events.

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Grandstand Q:
This low-cost Grandstand is situated facing the fastest part of the circuit where cars reach speeds of over 330km/h before reducing to 160 km/h for the following tricky corner.

Grandstand M:
The newly built and comfortable stand faces the pits, lots of action and Formula One up close. The teams will change tyres and prepare for the races right in front of you.

Grandstand B:
A privileged position for spectators to follow the grid formation, the action on the start/finish line and possibly the podium ceremony.

Grandstand A:
At the final stretch of the circuit, cars can be seen accelerating to the start/finish line from the exit of the very demanding, sweeping ascent to the fast left-hander.

Grandstand R:
Our covered Grandstand R is located by the very fastest section of the Interlagos track. Here, you will be able to see the F1 cars reach speeds of up to 300kmh+, followed by rapid braking before entering the following tricky right-hand corner. This is also a spot where probable overtaking opportunities can be witnessed. Enjoy the entire track action from the giant TV screen nearby this fabulous Grandstand.

Note: Children under the age of 5 are not allowed entry.